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At Tri State Flood Cleanup; our crews are certified in basement flooding cleanup and drying. Technicians will pump out all of the water, remove the wet carpeting if needed, and dry out a flooded basement with commercial dehumidifiers. Your water damaged basement contents can be restored at a climate controlled facility where they will be dried, cleaned and stored until your flooded basement has been restored. After all the repairs are finished and your basement is dried; your property will be returned to you completely restored.

Help minimize your loss from your basement flooding issue by calling ASAP. We specialize in working with you and your insurance company to help clean and dry your basement after any type of flood. Technicians will submit your estimate directly to your insurance company. Basement flood damage Call 888-316-0824.

At Tri State Flood Cleanup we will provide truck-mounted water removal equipment that can remove any standing water from your flooded basement. Our professional grade fans and dehumidifiers can remove the moisture from the air and the building. We use moisture meters and keep track of the moisture content in the air and the building. To prevent any further damages, contact our emergency first response teams immediately. The sooner you call, the sooner our services can be rendered.

Our staff is IICRC certified, trained and experienced in all phases of basement flooding restorations. 24/7 service for basement water damage Call 888-316-0824.

If you have basement flooding because of a broken hot water tank, sump pump failure, broken pipe water damage, storm damages, broken hose, sewer backup, clogged toilet, sewage overflow or even a leaking foundation don’t try to clean and dry it yourself. Leave it to the experts.  Most flooding disasters contain sewage overflow. This can be hazardous to your health and your pets. Call the experts at Tri State Flood Cleanup.  Crews specialize in emergency basement flood cleanup and drying services.

The faster we start the work, the less damage you will have, and the less you may have to pay out of pocket. If you have a flooded basement, allow us to restore your building and belongings. Contact us at 888-316-0824 with any flooded basement repair damage needs.

Nobody can be completely prepared and ready for everything but you should always have a plan just in case of an emergency. Planning ahead can help you. Keep your important documents and papers in an airtight safe or container. Always store antiques, and heirlooms above waist level. Keep your artwork off the floor, store on shelving units that are raised above flood level. Keep all items away from all basement drains as this will cause blockage. Make sure you check your appliance hoses and change them every few years. Anything connected to a water source should have regular maintenance. If you are the victim of a flooded basement call the professional disaster restoration specialists at Tri State Flood Cleanup. For basement water removal, call us at 888-316-0824.

Taking immediate action with your basement flood damage will get you the best results. Crews have experience in all flooding basement services. Your safety is our biggest concern and we want to provide you with a worry-free restoration experience.  It doesn’t matter the size or cause of your basement flooding we can restore any damages. Water damages, sewage cleanup, and sump pump failure flooding are just a few of the disaster services we provide. Call the experts at Tri State Flood Cleanup with any basement flooding.

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